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We're Totally (Not) OK

A podcast about the intersection between mass media culture and mental health, hosted by Canadian actors Caleigh Le Grand & Tanya Bevan.

Bonus – Candy Track 1 – Yoda Lecture

Feb 08 2017

Times are tough, especially now. But that’s not uncharacteristic of our world, so we’re keeping our message general in this extra tidbit of a mini episode for you.

Here’s that speech Caleigh promised to deliver in audio version – an exit lecture form one of her favourite university professors, Sharon Sliwinski, nearing the end of her academic studies. It’s an adaptation of a commencement address given by Mark Danner at Berkeley in 2005.

Caleigh reads it when times are tough, or when life’s confusing, or when she’s feeling invigoratingly brainy.

There just words. But they’re damn good ones. The kind you wanna, “take out back and make out with,” as a friend once put it. Everyone should hear them.

We're Totally (Not) OK

Bonus – Candy Track 1 – Yoda Lecture

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