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Sep 09 2018

Top 3 Pods with Kristy LaPointe

Kristy LaPointe is a human that wears many hats. Whether it comes to Social Media, Writing, Producing or Acting she excels! What you may not know is that Kristy has also been KILLING (You’ll get that choice of wording in two seconds) the podcast game as well with her new cast (A cool way of saying podcast that I just made up, TM.) “Spilling Eve“. In fact the only thing it appears that she is not good at is creating a concise list of 3 podcasts.

Here are her top three (Six plus honourable mentions) pods:

“As a self-proclaimed podcast addict there was no way I could pick just 3. I’m almost always listening to a podcast, unless I’m writing and/or watching Law & Order: SVU. Here are a few I couldn’t live without.”

1.Hollywood Handbook – “This is my all time favorite podcast. Sean and Hayes are such hilarious, brilliant idiots and the satirizing of Hollywood types is endlessly entertaining. I initially listened to this podcast assuming it was a real guide to Hollywood and I am so, so happy that it was instead pure, clever/dumb, comedy. If you are also a true HH fan we will probably share some kind of sick bond I will never be able to see beyond.”

2. The Daily – “Quick bite sized twenty minute feature news stories and hi-lights from journalist Michael Barbaro and The New York Times. I started listening to it when I was hired by The Beaverton to make sure I knew whatever the most pressing political and international current events of the day were, and now I never miss an episode.”

3. Two Dope Queens Queens – “Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams have an undeniable friendship chemistry in their banter, and welcome some of the best diverse stand up comedians to do short sets on their show. I’m usually not a fan of live podcast episodes, but because 2DQ is a stand up show and only every recorded live I don’t mind at all.

4. My Favourite Murder – “I’m sure you’re familiar- it’s a True Crime Junkie Paradise- a perfect blend of detail, swearing and nonchalance with hosts Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. Karen and Georgia take turns regaling listeners with horrific and compelling tales of serial killers, coverups, and in my favourite episodes survivors of near-death experiences, and are unflinchingly transparent about their love of true crime and their personal struggles with mental health and addiction.”

5. Happier In Hollywood – “Practical advice about working as a television writer and trying to maintain balance as a human. Liz Craft and Sarah Fain were high school best friends who remain a writing team, who cut their teeth on Joss Whedon’s Angel. They talk about the industry, their careers, mindfulness and healthy living, and are super nice to their assistants. You couldnt make up a podcast more perfectly checking off my boxes.”

6. She’s All Fat – “As they state in their intro, She’s All Fat is the podcast for “body positivity, radical self-love and chill vibes ONLY” and it really is. Hosts April K. Quioh & Sophia Carter-Kahn are two inspiring twenty-somethings fighting the good fight for body positivity and fat acceptance. Their chemistry and pop culture banter is super entertaining and the way they talk about body image and acceptance within the framework of our society is accessible, informative and has forced me to rethink some of my own internalized biases and judgements.”

Honorable Mentions: Dear Sugars, Death, Sex & Money, Womp It Up, Just Chips, Reply All, Totally Laime, Stop Podcasting Yourself

There it is five years worth of podcast suggestions from Kristy LaPointe. Do you agree with her list? How many of these have you checked out? Am I too passive of a human for allowing the inclusion of all these podcasts? Let me know!