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Sep 15 2018

Top 3 Pods with Trevor Poelman

You may know Trevor Poelman as I know him, the roommate that leaves empty beer cans all over his bedroom floor. But, what you might not know about Trevor is that he also hosts two podcast (Books are Boring and Belief it or not.)! But, does not cleaning up after your self really mean that you have good taste in podcasts? Lets find out!

Here are his top three pods:

1.Scathing Atheist – “It’s funny, it’s angry, it rips apart stupid things done in the name of religion. It also makes sure to have a feminist view with the segment “This Week in Misogyny””

2.This American life – “It’s the most talked about podcast for a reason. They spend time and money making sure they tell the whole story. They’re entertaining, informative, and engaging.”

3.Hollywood Handbook – “Just so fucking funny.”

Short and sweet podcast suggestion from Trevor Poelman! What do you think of these podcasts? Which ones do you listen to? Should Trevor clean his room? Let me know!