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Sep 24 2018

Top 3 Pods with Lindsay Mullan

Lindsay Mullan is all about honesty, she even has a podcast about¬†truly riveting true stories (Truths Be Told). That’s why I knew I could trust her to give me their honest opinion unlike those LIARS I asked before.

Here are Lindsay’s Top 3 Pods:

1.)¬†My Favorite Murder – “I love true crime. I love speculating. I love feeling mildly terrified whilst having the underlying knowledge that I’m actually safe. Seriously, if you listen to stories of people being murdered on a weekly basis you will quickly gain perspective on your own day to day problems. Plus the show is funny.”

2.) This American Life – “In some ways you could say that my podcast Truths Be Told is a discount version of This American Life. And that I am in fact a low rent version of Ira Glass. You could say that….. if you wanted to hurt me. In all seriousness, this show is a major influence on me and my work on the podcast (although I think my podcast is still quite different). It’s a beautiful show that hits all the right notes. Brilliantly put together and enriching for the heart and soul. It should be forced upon children in school.”

3.) Dirty John – “Want to lose yourself in a binge-worthy true crime mystery? OH BOY. this one is good. I won’t ruin it for you. Just download all the episodes and play them next time you need to clean your entire house. Your house won’t get clean and you’ll just be sitting on the floor transfixed but it’ll be worth it.”


There you have it, those are the honest to goodness top 3! Do you listen to any of these pods? Which ones do you listen to? Should I continue on the trend of honest people doing this blog? Let me know!