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Sep 26 2019

Top 3 Pods with Stephan MacLeod

There’s more to a podcast than just the hosts you hear. I know you may be reading this as some jerk that doesn’t know that but, thats what I’m here for. I’m Here for you! I’m also, here to introduce you to Stephan MacLeod the producer of My Gorgeous Son the newest addition to the Sonar family. If theres one thing you have to know about Stephan it’s that he knows pods.

Here are Stephan’s Top 3 Pods:

1.) The Best Show – “Tom Scharpling is a world builder who uses the call-in show format to populate The Best Show with outsiders that share his pop culture obsessions. I imagine it is what Howard Stern would be like he was based in SCTV’s Melonville.”

2.) Stop Podcasting Yourself – “Dave Shumka and Graham Clark’s chemistry alone makes this show great, but I love how this show proves that Canadian comedians can be perfect podcast guests. Their live shows are so funny and energetic, and their fanbase is also hilarious as demonstrated by the “Overheard” segments at the end of every show.”

3.) Scene on Radio – “John Biewen uses similar narrative techniques as This American Life to explore society and deconstruct history with generous empathy for people whose perspectives often get left out.”

There you have it! A real life podcast producer just taught you something, you should probably listen to him! So, tell me do you agree with this list? What’s your favourite podcast? Did I turn you off from reading when I called you a jerk? Let me know!