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Nov 01 2019

Guest of the Month – November

Announcing Sonar’s Guest of the Month for November – Nicole Passmore! A comedian and improvisor of over 20 years, Nicole is currently a member of Second City’s Touring Company, and long-running troupe The Sketchersons.

Nicole’s guested on (at time of this writing) 6 different Sonar shows, for a total of 10 hilarious episodes, all of which you can check out here: https://www.thesonarnetwork.com/people/nicole-passmore/

We got to ask her a few questions:

▪️ Which episode of yours should people check out?

My Gorgeous Son for sure. Mark Little makes everything funnier, and the whole team that makes that podcast is so talented. Plus Becky Johnson and I played dueling mediums trying to figure out where Andy Bush had gone missing, and that was RIGHT in our wheelhouse.

▪️ What’s your favourite Sonar show?

I love Killed to Death, partly because the format allows for so many fun characters, and partly because fucking with Griffin and Steve is so fun. Wait, are we allowed to swear here? You can beep that out or replace it with some other lamer word.

Also sweet lil’ shout out to My Gorgeous SonSpooked, and Fckgirls.

▪️ What’s a habit you have now that you wish you started much sooner?

Learning Spanish on Duolingo. I’m not great at it yet, but the language is so interesting, and the added social pressure from that aggressive little owl is a fun edge. They’re so disappointed with you when you fail that it’s accidental comedy gold. Plus I’m LEARNING, which is always good I’m told.

▪️ What do you have coming up people can check out?

The Second City Touring Company holiday show! We’re still in the final stages of crafting it, but it’ll definitely be fun and maybe a little weird. Hopefully a little weird. The Second City Toronto

Plus Nice Time every Wednesday at 9:30PM at Bad Dog Theatre Company! It’s Mark Little, Dan Beirne, and myself doing whatever improv we want, and it’s always the best time.

Do you have a favourite guest? A favourite episode of Nicole’s? Let us know in the comments!