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Dec 01 2019

Guest of the Month – December

Chris Leveille is an award winning sketch comedian and improviser, known for his work in Dame Judy Dench, 32 Short Sketches About Bees, Bad Dog Theatre Company’s Featured Players, and much more! In addition to being an extraordinarily hilarious performer, he is also one of the kindest, most generous people in the community, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone not immediately delighted by his presence.

As of December 1, Chris has guested on 6 different Sonar shows, for a total of 15 episodes!

You can check out all of his episodes here: https://www.thesonarnetwork.com/people/chris-leveille/

We asked Chris a few questions:

What episode of yours should people check out?

In time for the season, people should check out The Santa Clause episode of That’s How I Remember It. It will really put you into the trans-dimensional Christmas spirit.

If you want something that’s not Christmas-based, check out Bratty McDowell on Killed to Death. It was a fun one to do, and being from the East Coast, am generally a huge fan of lighthouses.

What’s your favourite Sonar show?

That’s How I Remember It is a lot of fun. Being a big movie guy, this podcast makes me laugh out loud at some of the reimagining of films.

I also love Killed to Death. It combines two things I enjoy – true crime, and dumb characters.

On what topic could you give a 20 minute presentation?

Something about Angela Lansbury. Or solid waste.

What do you have coming up people can check out?

Keep an eye open for shows from Dame Judy Dench, or work from Chris Leveille: @chrislevs (twitter and Ig)

Do you have a favourite guest? A favourite episode of Chris’s? Let us know in the comments!