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Apr 01 2020

Guest of the Month – April

Ben Sosa Wright is one of Toronto’s funniest up and coming comedians. Performing both stand up and improv around the city (and killing it at both), his clever and mischievously joyful act is always a delight. He’s also one of the nicest people around and is guaranteed to make anyone in his presence an instant fan.

Ben has appeared on 4 different Sonar shows for a total of 8 hilarious episodes.

You can check out all of his episodes here.

We asked Ben a few questions:

What episode of yours should people check out?

Omg. Well, all of them are great and perfect, but my most recent episode of Killed to Death with my sister Brandon Ash-Mohammed was really fun. I got to play a British nanny who was also a tiny little mouse, and that has been a long time dream of mine. I also liked my episode of The Bed Post with Erin Pim. We unpacked queer sex-ed, or rather the lack thereof, and it was cute.

What’s your favourite Sonar show?

Okay, SUE ME but I love Killed to Death. Griffin and Steve are certified handsome and funny men and always make me laugh. This pod also consistently showcases some of Canada’s best comedians, and get this; they also showcase up and coming talent as well, which is pretty!

What’s Your Favourite Month, and Why?

My favourite month is one of the months in Fall probably because Fall has the most drama. Fall is very “did you hear what happened?” energy. Like, a denim jacket in the Fall is automatically drama. Leaves are drama.

What do you have that people can check out right now?

This may be effed up to say, but I also have a podcast, it is called Nostalgique and I host it with the hilarious and gorgeous Aba Amuquandoh! We discuss Pop Stars whom we are nostalgic for, it is very fun and very messy. Before covid times I used to perform standup and improv all over the stinky ‘lil city of Toronto, ON, but now you can see my spiral on my social media platforms instead! I am jk_miss_thing on Instagram and smiley_gay on Twitter. I am sorry.

Do you have a favourite guest? A favourite episode of Ben’s? Let us know in the comments!