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Sep 10 2020

Guest of the Month – September

Brandon Hackett is one of Toronto’s funniest performers, and a veteran of institutions like The Second City Toronto mainstage and The Sketchersons. He can be seen in shows like Baroness von Sketch Show, The Beaverton, and TallBoyz on CBC – and has written for the latter two, in addition to This Hour Has 22 Minutes. He’s brought his grounded, thoughtful, and always hilarious charm to 7 different Sonar shows.

You can check out all of his episodes here: https://www.thesonarnetwork.com/people/brandon-hackett/

We asked Brandon a few questions:

🔹 What episode of yours should people check out?

Shh I’m Watching A Movie – I had a lot of fun talking about Get Out with Alessandra Vite and Alex Kolanko (henceforth “Alessx”). It’s one of my favourite movies and, aside from some mild rambling, I don’t think I sound completely stupid on that one.

I also really like the episode of My Gorgeous Son, “Dr. Crane Helps Andy.” I play Frasier in that and he just becomes the loosest version of that character that’s ever existed.

🔹 What’s your favourite Sonar show?

I love My Gorgeous Son for how loopy it can get. It’s a really nice balance between a structured, established dynamic, and a freewheeling, anything-goes style of riff-heavy improv. Maybe one of my favourite comedy moments I’ve been witness to/tangentially a part of was the Swollen Members run on my first episode.

🔹 What’s something new you’ve tried during quarantine?

Video games. I don’t know if that counts as a “new thing I’ve tried” because you probably mean, like, how did I step out of my usual routine and learn to love running, or cooking for myself, or the glass harmonica. But, I didn’t really grow up playing video games that much – so in like April I bought a PS4, got really into it for like a month, and then haven’t really touched it that much since. The moral being “Don’t step outside of your well-established habits.”

🔹 What do you have that people can check out right now?

You can check me out on Twitter, @brandonhackett. Also, if you want to see some stuff I’ve done for/on TV, check out The Beaverton, Season 3 Episodes 303 and 308!

Do you have a favourite guest? A favourite episode of Brandon’s? Let us know in the comments!