May 27 2021

NEW PODCAST: Para(normal)

A comedy paranormal podcast about spine-chilling tales!⁠

Introducing Para(normal), our new podcast that dives into the world of the supernatural!

Para(normal) is a comedic, lighthearted and non-investigative podcast, hosted by childhood friends Nicolina Savelli and Marie Adoranti. Each week on the podcast, they share some creepy (and often laughable) spooky stories about famous hauntings – like Gef the talking mongoose ghost of a 1930’s basement, listener-submitted hometown haunts, and special guest encounters.

It’s got very ghost-stories-at-a-slumber-party-with-your-best-friends vibes.

So, to get to know these best friends a bit better, we asked Nicolina and Marie a few questions! Here are their answers:

Q: What brought the two of you together to start a comedy paranormal podcast?

 A: The two of us have known each other since grade 9 in high school! We’ve been friends since we met in our first semester science class. We’ve always been interested in the paranormal and the unexplained. We love hearing and telling scary stories, but we still wanted to be able to sleep at night, which is where the comedy part comes in! It’s easier to lull yourself to sleep when you end the show on a joke rather than a terrifying tale of a demon!

Q: Can you tell us about a personal paranormal encounter?

A: Marie grew up in a house that was most likely haunted. Paranormal happenings were few and far between, but even some friends who would visit the house had experienced things that were unexplained. The first paranormal event that Marie remembers was waking up in the middle of the night, hearing her sister leaving their shared bedroom, and when she looked up to tell her sister that she was awake with her, she noticed a shadow person standing at the end of her bed, who she thought could be her sister. She called out her sister’s name, and the shadow person faded away right before her eyes. She sat in bed for 10 minutes staring at the spot where the shadow person was, telling herself to wake up from what she thought was a dream. It was not a dream. She couldn’t wake herself up because she was already awake.

While Nicolina isn’t sure if she’s ever experienced anything paranormal, she is pretty certain that her father who had passed away did help her to secure her first home when she purchased it. At the time, she needed a certain amount of money for a down payment, and right around the time that she needed that down payment, a lawsuit that had been in the works for decades with her father had finally settled. The amount of money that she was awarded for being her father’s next of kin was the exact amount that she needed for the down payment on her house.

Q: Which 3 episodes would you recommend to new listeners? (aka which are your favourite that you’ve recorded thus far?)

 A: A Tiktoker’s Terrifying Tales (episode 76) was a very scary episode that we did with Evan Kail. He told us some extremely scary stories about living in a haunted house and the episode has an EVP of something we think is demonic that he recorded in the house.

Deadly Beloved (episode 75) is definitely more of a comedic episode where we talked about women who fell in love with, and married, ghosts.

Reincarnation Or Imagination? You Decide (episode 71) talks about two children who had very vivid memories of their past lives, and who traveled to meet their family members from their past lives. Those family members corroborated their memories and stories, and truly believe they met the reincarnation of their loved ones.

You can find ALL episodes of Para(normal), including their top 3, at thesonarnetwork.com/paranormal or check ‘em out on your preferred podcast listening platform!

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Written by Kamea Sone
May 27, 2021

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