Feb 03 2023

We’re ⭐PREMIUM⭐ baby!

It’s here! Our premium subscription service on Apple Podcasts is up and running!
Introducing SONAR+!
You can now support your favourite Sonar shows while getting exclusive content and ad-free episodes across the network!
We’ve got bonus episodes coming from Killed to Death, Vanderpump Robs, The Bed Post, On a Dark, Cold Night, Self Esteem Party, Dwarven Moss, Belief It or Not, Spooked, Para(normal), and lots more to come!
Plus, 2 all-premium podcasts:
The Pitch, where we take wild podcast pitches from wacky characters!
And Behind the Mic, where we get real with your favourite Sonar hosts and guests!
It’s tons of content for only $3.99/month! And if you subscribe for a year, you get 2 months free!
The best part is 100% of the revenue goes directly to the hosts/producers! So you can feel good about directly supporting the people who make you bring you joy on your commute!
Also, you can try it FOR FREE if you’re a new subscriber.
Go to the Sonar Network Channel on Apple Podcasts (or plus.thesonarnetwork.com) to check out SONAR+!

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