Oct 19 2023

Our exclusive Thrills & Chills episodes on Amazon Music! 🎃

We’ve partnered with Acast & Amazon Music Canada to provide early access to 3 excloooooosive (say it like a ghost) episodes for the spooky season!

There’s a beautiful brand new story by incredible writer Kristen Zaza, creator/narrator/composer/producer of On a Dark, Cold Night. If you’re into gothic horror and eerie bedtime stories, that’s the vibe for you.

We’ve also got a very special episode of Spooked! with funny guests Evil Men host Chris Locke and comedy legend Seán Cullen! We recommend this one if you’re looking for something completely unhinged and hilarious.

And an exclusive ep of our newest show, The Funny Thing About Ghosts, hosted by the Second City’s Sarah Hillier! In this sepcial ep Sarah tries to convince skeptic husband and comedian, Andy Hull, that ghosts are real. We love this show. It feels like hanging with your funny friends just talkin’ ghosts.

You can visit this link to check out the whole Thrills & Chills collection, which includes our podcasts as well as a myriad of other shows from very cool creators!

Our Thrills & Chills episodes are available ONLY on Amazon Music until Halloween. Head to Amazon Music to listen.

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