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of listeners have purchased an item advertised on a podcast.1

We serve more than 500,000 ad impressions every month.

Each of our shows has its own unique listenership, but across the network our listeners are typically progressive, tech-savvy, environmentally-conscious and creative. They love comedy and storytelling. 

Interested in advertising on our podcasts? Take advantage of our award-winning shows and gain access to their loyal and ever-growing fanbase.


“We are very happy with our relationship with The Sonar Network. We did two collaborations and not only got good responses from the staff but also from the metrics. Fast, friendly, and concise responses. Whatever we needed, they were aware. Every date we were told, they delivered exactly and also what we needed. Hopefully, in the future, we will continue collaborating together.” Scentbird

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  • 24% lift in ad recall compared to traditional display ads. 1
  • 57% purchase intent lift over video pre-roll ads. 2
  • 69% lift in product/brand awareness. 3
  • 13M Canadian adults have listened to a podcast in the last year 3

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  1. Discover Pods (2019)
  2. Nielsen Media Lab study (2017), compared to display ads
  3. Nielsen Media Lab study (2017), Podcast Sponsorship Effectiveness
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