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Belief It Or Not

In this podcast we explore movements, sects, or interesting things about the world of religion. We aren't historians we just google it and talk about it.
Jan 16 2022

Ep. 98 – Heaven’s Gate

This episode is all about Heaven’s Gate. We are talking about Marshall Herff Applewhite Jr. and Bonnie Nettles or Do and Ti or Bo and Peep. We talk about how they met, how they started the cult, what they believed, and how it all ended.
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Jan 02 2022

Ep. 97 – 2021 Year In Review

This one is all about 2021 in religion. From pastors being charged with crimes, reality star creeps going to prison, money being found in a wall, and a bunch of other sad stuff.
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Dec 19 2021

Ep. 96 – Christmas Live

It’s Belief It Or Not live! This Christmas extravaganza is a combination of 2 different livestreams. We discuss Christmas traditions from around the world as well as some trivia about Christmas songs.
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Dec 05 2021

Ep. 95 – Girl Defined

This episode is all about Kristen and Bethany, aka Girl Defined. We talk about what they believe about sexuality, purity culture, feminism, gender, and anything else you can have a terrible opinion about.
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Nov 21 2021

Ep. 94 – Ray Comfort

This one is all about Ray Comfort. We talk street preaching, The Way of the Master, Living Waters, his homophobic movie, how he disproves evolution, the banana, and his buddy Kirk Cameron. As always we are not experts, we just google this stuff.
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Nov 07 2021

Ep. 93 – Parody Religions

This one is all about the made up religions…. Well, the ones where the people in them know they are in a made up religion. We talk Pastafarianism, the Invisible Pink Unicorn, The Church of the SubGenius and more.
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Oct 24 2021

Ep. 92 – Wicca

This episode is all about the Wiccans. We talk about beliefs, practices, variations, and surprisingly recent history of this religion. As always we are not experts, we just google this stuff.
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Oct 10 2021

Ep. 91 – Sunday School

This episode is all about Sunday School. We talk about some of our listener’s experiences, common Sunday School clichés, and of course the history of the Sunday School movement. As always we are not experts, we just google this stuff.
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Sep 26 2021

Ep. 90 – Logical Fallacies

This one is all about the fallacies we use in arguments and disagreements. We talk ad hominem, the straw man, the texas sharpshooter, the false dilemma and much more. We also give examples from our comment section.
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