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Apr 01 2020

Guest of the Month – April

Ben Sosa Wright is one of Toronto’s funniest up and coming comedians. Performing both stand up and improv around the city (and killing it at both), his clever and mischievously joyful act is always a delight. He’s also one of the nicest people around and is guaranteed to make anyone in his presence an instant […]

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Mar 01 2020

Guest of the Month – March

Natalie Metcalfe is currently a member of The The Second City Mainstage’s 84th review. A former member of The Sketchersons, Bad Dog Theatre Company’s Featured Players, and legendary musical The Adventures of Tom Shadow, Natalie is one of the funniest performers in the city. We’re proud to be able to showcase all of her episodes! She has appeared on […]

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Feb 01 2020

Guest of the Month – February

  Gavin Pounds is one of the funniest rising comedians in the city. An alum of both The Second City’s House Company and Bad Dog Theatre Company’s Featured Players, his independent work includes award winning sketch group Dame Judy Dench, improv superteam The Kids’ Table, and entrepreneur extraordinaire Randall Walsh. He has appeared on 7 different Sonar shows for a […]

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Jan 02 2020

Guest of the Month – January

Chris Sandiford is a hilarious comedian, writer, and actor. He has appeared in Cavendish, The Beaverton, and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan, amongst others, and has performed stand-up across the country. Chris is always guaranteed to be clever, fast, and brings a delightful, unique combination of book smarts and high energy absurdity. He has currently guested […]

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Dec 01 2019

Guest of the Month – December

Chris Leveille is an award winning sketch comedian and improviser, known for his work in Dame Judy Dench, 32 Short Sketches About Bees, Bad Dog Theatre Company’s Featured Players, and much more! In addition to being an extraordinarily hilarious performer, he is also one of the kindest, most generous people in the community, and you’d be hard-pressed to […]

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Nov 01 2019

Guest of the Month – November

Announcing Sonar’s Guest of the Month for November – Nicole Passmore! A comedian and improvisor of over 20 years, Nicole is currently a member of Second City’s Touring Company, and long-running troupe The Sketchersons. Nicole’s guested on (at time of this writing) 6 different Sonar shows, for a total of 10 hilarious episodes, all of which […]

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Oct 01 2019

Guest of the Month – October

Introducing Sonar’s first ever Guest of the Month – Daphney Joseph! A veteran comedy performer, she’s a part of monthly improv show Partytown, improv duo Coko & Daphney, and was one of Bad Dog Theatre’s inaugural Featured Players. As of this writing, Daphney’s guested on 7 different Sonar shows, for a total of 9 great episodes, and it’s […]

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Sep 26 2019

Top 3 Pods with Stephan MacLeod

There’s more to a podcast than just the hosts you hear. I know you may be reading this as some jerk that doesn’t know that but, thats what I’m here for. I’m Here for you! I’m also, here to introduce you to Stephan MacLeod the producer of My Gorgeous Son the newest addition to the […]

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Sep 10 2019

My Gorgeous Son Joins Sonar!

The Sonar Network is proud to announce its newest addition, My Gorgeous Son! Join Rollie Bush as he helps his gorgeous son, Andy, take control of his life. Rollie invites experts and special guests to impart wisdom and advice to Andy. Created by Picnicface’s Mark Little (Mr D, Gary and his Demons) and Andrew Bush (Funny or Die, Street Cents) […]

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Sep 24 2018

Top 3 Pods with Lindsay Mullan

Lindsay Mullan is all about honesty, she even has a podcast about truly riveting true stories (Truths Be Told). That’s why I knew I could trust her to give me their honest opinion unlike those LIARS I asked before. Here are Lindsay’s Top 3 Pods: 1.) My Favorite Murder – “I love true crime. I love speculating. […]

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