The Comedy Quiz

Each week two comedians battle it out in a fun trivia game we like to call, Fact or Fiction? If you love comedy and trivia shows like Jeopardy, then this podcast is for you.
Oct 18 2022

Ali Hassan & Marco Timpano

The Comedy Quiz

Ali Hassan & Marco Timpano

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This week, host David Shore, welcomes the co-hosts of This Podcast Is Delicious, Ali Hassan & Marco Timpano.

Marco is an award winning comedic performer and podcaster. His podcast, The Insomnia Project has been downloaded over 1 Million times. An actor, producer and author, his TV credits include, Titans, Odd Squad and Orphan Black.

Ali is a Stand-up comedian, actor, author and Radio & Television personality. He co-hosts 2 podcasts, including, This Podcast is Delicious.  He’s currently on the CBC hit sitcom, Run The Burbs, is the host of CBC Radio & SiriusXM’s, Laugh Out Loud and is also the host of CBC’s, Canada Reads.

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