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Dec 27 2022

Season 1 Finale with Max & Ivan, from the UK! – Max Olesker & Ivan Gonzalez

The Comedy Quiz

Season 1 Finale with Max & Ivan, from the UK! – Max Olesker & Ivan Gonzalez

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This is the final episode for Season 1. We’ll be back soon with Season 2. Subscribe below in order to not miss any episodes.

This week, David is joined by one of the top double acts in the UK, Max & Ivan. Along with having their own BBC Radio show, The Casebook of Max & Ivan, ITV sitcom, Deep Heat, they are the creators of the award winning live spectacle, The Wrestling.

Max Olesker is an award winning actor, writer and producer. Additional TV credits include, W1A, Drunk History UK, Peep Show and Gangsta Granny.

Ivan Gonzalez is an award winning actor writer and producer. Additional TV credits include, Urban Myths, W1A, Drunk History UK and The Mimic.

This week’s topics are, The Pony Express, The Pacific Ocean and Dragonflies.

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