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Confederacy of Dunks

Hosted by comedian Freddie Rivas, a podcast where hardcore Toronto Raptors fans try to bring the right amount of insight and goofiness into the basketball universe.
Sep 29 2020

Season 07
Episode 7.166: Ben Davies & Ryan Henry

Explicit Content
Confederacy of Dunks

Season 07
Episode 7.166: Ben Davies & Ryan Henry

01:07:59 Download (55MB)
The Celtics lose to the Heat in six and the Lakers/Heat Finals start this week. A weird Fall off-season is coming! Raptors: To build around Fred Van Vleet… What does he need to win? Home work: What is the #1 thing Pascal, OG and Norm need to work on for next season? Assuming next season will look something like the Orlando bubble, what’s something you want to see from the Raptors in terms of entertainment? NBA: We talk the Boston Celtics and the Denver Nuggets’ playoff run. NBA Finals is ready to go on Wednesday: Jimmy Buckets and the Heat vs LeBron and the Lakers. When this series gets going, what are people talking about? Quickish Questions and more! With Ben Davies and Ryan Henry!

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Welcome to The Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast! COD is Raptors/NBA Podcast with host Freddie Rivas and Producer Matt Duncan. We are hard core fans and this show is really fun to do. Please consider supporting us but also know that we will be hardcore Raptors/NBA fans regardless!

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