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Confederacy of Dunks

Hosted by comedian Freddie Rivas, a podcast where hardcore Toronto Raptors fans try to bring the right amount of insight and goofiness into the basketball universe.
Dec 09 2020

Season 07
Episode 176: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Sheldon Alexander & Adam Niebergall

Explicit Content
Confederacy of Dunks

Season 07
Episode 176: Off-Season Funhouse Edition: Sheldon Alexander & Adam Niebergall

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We’ve got our second last off-season episode here and season eight is coming up in two weeks!

Raptors: The Raptors hire Chris Finch as an assistant. Old buddies with Nick, big imprints on Denver, Houston and NO. Who knows how all the coaches mesh together at the end of the day, but what’s something you are hoping to see that will improve our half court offense? The Clippers continue to embarrass themselves trying to steal the soul of the Raptors. They recently tweeted out a “what about scarves” joke. How do the Clips double down on this corniness and copy the Raptors even more egregiously? OG is talking about expanding his game. What should fans realistically expect from OG this year?

NBA: Designated players resting. How do we feel about it? What’s the most interesting part of the Russ/Wall Trade? Quickish Questions and more, with Sheldon Alexander and Adam Niebergall!


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