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Confederacy of Dunks

Hosted by comedian Freddie Rivas, a podcast where hardcore Toronto Raptors fans try to bring the right amount of insight and goofiness into the basketball universe.
Mar 10 2021

Season 08
Episode 8.189: Antony Hall & Jay Rosales

Explicit Content
Confederacy of Dunks

Season 08
Episode 8.189: Antony Hall & Jay Rosales

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All-Star weekend is over and the Raptors are ready to get back at it.

RAPTORS: Understanding Norm’s grind. It’s definitely something that’s misunderstood. What is Powell’s future role in the league? Looks like the Raps are interested in Alize Johnson from the 905. Are the Raptors gonna have quiet deadline ideas like this or are they gonna blow the doors off and go for it? To cap off the Raptors’ segment, we each pick a player on the roster and decide which skill they have to improve to make the team more successful.

NBA: Blake Griffin goes to Brooklyn after being bought out by the Pistons. Does this do anything for the Nets? How good are the Phoenix Suns? Does Chris Paul get the credit he deserves for making teams that he plays on so much better?

Quickish Questions and more, with Jay Rosales and Antony Hall!

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