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Evil Men

Evil Men is a podcast where three comedians joke around about bad guys, rude dudes and sometimes … murderers!
Jul 22 2021

E5: Doctor Doom with Chip Zdarsky

Comic book giant Chip Zdarsky stops by to discuss notorious Marvel villain Victor Von Doom. We learn about Vic’s humble beginnings in Latveria, his deep-seated mommy issues, why he’d make a bad boyfriend and MORE.
Evil Men

E5: Doctor Doom with Chip Zdarsky

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Jul 15 2021

E4: Charles Ponzi

Charles Ponzi may have only been 5’2”, but he was humungous when it came to scamming, scheming and being a...
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Jul 08 2021

E3: Caligula

This week, Chris, James and Michael take a look at Roman Emperor Caligula’s twisted/perverted life and violent death. Enjoy!
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Jun 30 2021

E2: Gargamel

This week, Chris, James and Michael delve deep into Gargamel’s story to try to understand why he wants to murder...
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About Evil Men

Evil Men is a podcast hosted by three comedians – Chris Locke, James Hartnett, and Michael Balazo. Each episode, they select a single evil man, bad person, or fictional character and discuss what made them so damn evil – all while joking their heads off. You’ll hear some super interesting nuggets of information about dubious historical or cultural figures, provided by three guys who don’t actually know what the hell they’re talking about.

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Category: Comedy - Comedy Interviews
Type: Episodic
Frequency: Weekly