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Evil Men

Evil Men is a podcast where three comedians joke around about bad guys, rude dudes and sometimes … murderers!
Dec 01 2021

E24: William Stoughton

William Stoughton served as Chief Justice during the Salem Witch Trials. A stern and extremely pious man, Stoughton's war on witchcraft fanned the flames of religious hysteria and resulted in the executions of twenty innocent people. What a nerd! Enjoy.
Evil Men

E24: William Stoughton

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Nov 24 2021

E23: Lou Pearlman

As the mastermind behind the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC, Lou Pearlman was one of the most powerful people in the...
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About Evil Men

Evil Men is a podcast hosted by three comedians – Chris Locke, James Hartnett, and Michael Balazo. Each episode, they select a single evil man, bad person, or fictional character and discuss what made them so damn evil – all while joking their heads off. You’ll hear some super interesting nuggets of information about dubious historical or cultural figures, provided by three guys who don’t actually know what the hell they’re talking about.

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Category: Comedy - Comedy Interviews
Type: Episodic
Frequency: Weekly