Evil Men

Evil Men is a podcast where three comedians joke around about bad guys, rude dudes and sometimes … murderers!
Feb 01 2023

E79: Andy Dick

Explicit Content
Hey everyone! This week, James spills the annoying beans on actor/comedian/flasher/drug enthusiast Andy Dick. And Chris and Michael can't believe their ears. Enjoy!
Evil Men

E79: Andy Dick

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Jan 12 2023

E76: Andrew Tate

Explicit Content
Happy 2023, everyone! To kick off the Year of the Rabbit, James tells Chris and Michael all about a certain...
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About Evil Men

Evil Men is a podcast hosted by three comedians – Chris Locke, James Hartnett, and Michael Balazo. Each episode, they select a single evil man, bad person, or fictional character and discuss what made them so damn evil – all while joking their heads off. You’ll hear some super interesting nuggets of information about dubious historical or cultural figures, provided by three guys who don’t actually know what the hell they’re talking about.


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