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Oct 05 2023

E113: Jim Bob Duggar with Jordanne Brown

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Evil Men

E113: Jim Bob Duggar with Jordanne Brown

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Hello Evil Men listeners. This week we’re joined by the funny comedian Jordanne Brown, who demanded that we talk about religious maniac/reality television star Jim Bob Duggar. Enjoy!

Be sure to check out Jordanne’s fantastic debut comedy album I Can Explain, available HERE.

The Two Draculas (Chris Locke and Tim Gilbert) are presenting a HALLOWEEN LAUGHMARE on Friday, October 27 at the Paradise Theatre in Toronto. It’s going to be night of horror themed sketch comedy that will make you scream with laughter and puke and shit and die! CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS!

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And keep track of past Evilometer scores at Evilpedia, created by listener Christian Miles

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