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Jan 20 2022

E29: William Colepaugh: America’s Dumbest Spy

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Evil Men

E29: William Colepaugh: America’s Dumbest Spy

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William Colepaugh was a lonely Connecticut kid who grew up idolizing all things German. He even had a framed picture of Hitler in his bedroom, which didn’t exactly solve his social problems. When America entered WWII, Colepaugh did the unthinkable: he defected to Germany and volunteered to spy for the Nazis. Luckily, he was a bumbling fool who spent more time drinking in Manhattan nightclubs than undermining the Manhattan Project. This week, Chris, James and Michael make fun of the Nazis and totally disrespect the Third Reich.

Plus: the intro revisits the Milli Vanilli controversy, sheds light on Nancy and Ronald Reagan’s special talents AND bigs up Ricky Gervais’ hit sitcom “Afterlife.” Enjoy!

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