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Apr 06 2023

E88: The Kraken

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Evil Men

E88: The Kraken

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This week Chris tells James and Michael about one of the most terrifying sea creatures of all: the kraken. It’s as big as the Hollywood sign and can drag ships and sailors to the bottom of the ocean with its huge gooey tentacles and powerful suckers. In other words? The kraken is the exact opposite of Sebastian from the Littler Mermaid. Enjoy!

PLUS: Jerry Seinfeld and his teen girlfriend, Gremlins, and James accuses Michael of being obsessed with Eataly.

*** WARNING: If you’re in Toronto on April 12, come out to Precious Moments comedy, the unbelievable new show hosted by Michael Balazo and Jackie Pirico. The lineup features comedians Adam Christie, Jordan Foisy, Amar Singh and Rebecca Payne. The show is at Reposado (136 Ossington Ave.) at 8pm and it’s pay what you can. ***

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