Finders Grievers

Finders Grievers is a podcast about the people we have lost, and the lessons we have picked up along the way.
Mar 17 2022

Episode 01. A Manifesto for Healing (with Robbie Ahmed)

Finders Grievers

Episode 01. A Manifesto for Healing (with Robbie Ahmed)

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This week, Shohana sits down with writer and musician Robbie Ahmen to discuss navigating grief, queerness, and a radical manifesto for healing.


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About Robbie Ahmed: 

Robbie is a musician and a writer whose work covers topics of immigration, spirituality, trans rights, mental health, and healing.  He has played at Toronto’s Storyteller’s Festival, Naked Heart Festival, Pride Toronto, Gladstone hotel, Soulpepper Theatre, Sellers & Newell & Queer Collective Tiny Desk series,  California State University & the Handlebar. Robbie has also contributed to various publications such as Nuance, Yohomo, These Pills Don’t Come in My Skin Tone, The Living Hyphen, Elephant Journal, Rest for Resistance, and upcoming The Brown Book (2022).  In 2018, his portrait was featured in a 10×10 photography project depicting 100 LGBTQ Canadians in the arts and was the recipient of 2020’s Buddies at Bad Times Queer Emerging Artist Awards. Outside of the art world, he is an avid mental health advocate and has served 3 years on the board of directors of Across Boundaries, an ethnoracial mental health organization in Toronto for the start of their first LGBTQ progamming. Robbie is also an art educator striving to bring representation of immigrant and trans voices in writing and music.


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Hosted by: Shohana Sharmin

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Guest: Robbie Ahmed

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