For You Pod

TikTok-obsessed BFFs Sam and Lucas chat through what’s making them laugh, cry, and in general have a bee in their bonnet on their FYP.
Sep 25 2023

Modern Art, Foodies & Queer Serendipity

Explicit Content
After dissecting modern art and therapy speak in contemporary middle-class Euro-American society, the boys unpack Foodie TikTok.
For You Pod

Modern Art, Foodies & Queer Serendipity

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A new podcast about TikTok!

Take a break from scrolling and check out For You Pod, a new podcast for people who love/hate TikTok and don’t really understand why. Join comedian and content creator, Sam… Read More

About For You Pod

Is your addiction to TikTok encroaching on medical intervention territory? Or, are you new to TikTok and feel like you’ve completely missed the memo? We got you babe. Join TikTok obsessed BFF’s Sam and Lucas as they chat through what’s making them laugh, cry, think and in general have a bee in their bonnet on their FYP.

Most pods feature two hosts, vying tactlessly for your attention. Cringe! Since Lucas had to be virtually strong armed into starting a podcast, ‘For You Pod’ bounces between nihilistic and obsessive enthusiasm in a style that is of-the-moment. Sam talks through his thoughts as a creator on the platform and Lucas brings the brains. So stop scrolling! Or don’t! And listen to For You Pod!


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