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TikTok-obsessed Sam Sferrazza chats with guests about what’s making them laugh, cry, and in general have a bee in their bonnet on their FYP.
Aug 28 2023

Being a creator, No Data Scrolling, Nepotism Baby Apology

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For You Pod

Being a creator, No Data Scrolling, Nepotism Baby Apology

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Is this still a TikTok show? In this episode, Lucas is forgetful and vouches for the power of praying to Saint Anthony. Sam talks about how frustrating it can be to grow as a creator on social media. Together, they look at one video about the cost of living crisis and another that is the epitome of trying to scroll social media on the subway. To take it home, Lucas asks Sam about his skincare routine.

A list of the TikToks mentioned on the show are listed below and can also be found on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foryoupoddump/

TikToks Mentioned:
How Much? – Jask Osman
No Data Scrolling – @jessvaloritz
Nepotism Baby Apology Video – @samislaughing

Hosted by:
Sam Sferrazza

Lucas isn’t online, please don’t ask.

Edited and Produced by:
Jasper Axford

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