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TikTok-obsessed Sam Sferrazza chats with guests about what’s making them laugh, cry, and in general have a bee in their bonnet on their FYP.
Sep 11 2023

Dance classes, Bisexual Elon Musk, Moms

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Dance classes, Bisexual Elon Musk, Moms

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What happened here? Lucas has started taking dance classes and talks with Sam about how the nature of dance classes have changed over time. Will Elon Musk come out as bisexual? That’s the question on our minds. And the guys talk about their moms, how moms tell stories, and how Lucas’ mom is a very tranquil kind of person.

A list of the TikToks mentioned on the show can be found below.

The tiktoks heard on the how can be found on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foryoupoddump/

TikToks Mentioned:
Cara Connors Stand Up – @caraconnscomedy

Hosted by:
Sam Sferrazza

Lucas isn’t online, please don’t ask.

Edited by:
Jasper Axford

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