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Sep 18 2023

Floptropica, Pooja on Bigg Boss India, Capitalist hellscape

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Floptropica, Pooja on Bigg Boss India, Capitalist hellscape

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This week on For You Pod, we take a trip to Floptropica! Lucas explains to us what exactly this island nation is while Sam talks about how Pooja wants to become the next Floptropica president. Then the guys get into a discussion about the generational divide and what really makes each generation different. We then get an in-depth discussion about social media and how both the apps and our use of them changes over time. And then Sam and Lucas round out the serious discussions with a conversation about our capitalist hellscape of a society.

A list of the TikToks mentioned on the show can be found below.
The tiktoks heard on the how can be found on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foryoupoddump/

TikToks Mentioned:
Secretary Bird Floptropica – @syphez
Pooja Meltdown Big Boss India – @realitytvmeme
Teacher to Gen Z – @squirehaligast

Hosted by:
Sam Sferrazza

Lucas isn’t online, please don’t ask.

Edited by:
Jasper Axford

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