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TikTok-obsessed Sam Sferrazza chats with guests about what’s making them laugh, cry, and in general have a bee in their bonnet on their FYP.
Oct 09 2023

Media Literacy, Tone & No Screen Sundays

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Media Literacy, Tone & No Screen Sundays

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Are you more inclined towards cadence, verbiage, timbre, idioms or turn of phrase(s)? No matter your choice Sam and Lucas have you covered. In this episode, the boys implore their local representatives for media literacy and are consequently forced to reckon with the ways they, themselves, are fooled by social media.

Moving on a protestant and an orthodox (Sam & Lucas) discuss the possibility of no-screen Sundays as the luddite within us screams to be acknowledged. Mother (a.k.a. Bréne Brown) is evoked to help shed light on the devastating impact of perfectionism that plagues the two hosts.

~ A chair creaks throughout the episode in arhythmic interludes ~

A list of the TikTok mentioned on the show can be found below.

The tiktoks heard on the how can be found on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foryoupoddump/

Winta Zesu X Dress https://www.tiktok.com/@winta_zesu/video/7252478704880962862?lang=en

Brene Brown on Oprah https://www.tiktok.com/@womennsoul/video/7255266500531997954?lang=en

Reference to Gen-Alpha relationship to Social Media and related internet/ social media trends

Hosted by:
Sam Sferrazza

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