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TikTok-obsessed Sam Sferrazza chats with guests about what’s making them laugh, cry, and in general have a bee in their bonnet on their FYP.
Oct 02 2023

Wholesome Memes, Science, & Advice

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For You Pod

Wholesome Memes, Science, & Advice

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Sometimes wholesome memes can be the digital object that tether us to the possibility [and reality] of altruistic life. After reveling in the beauty of wholesomeness the two besties ponder pivoting into a career in the sciences. The thesis of the podcast rears its head and the two are forced to grapple with the utility and profundity of unknowing. Sam & Lucas reflect once again reflect on mother’s (Brene Brown) words of wisdom. The denouement eases the audience into a candid conversation around small talk and the comedy of everyday life.

A list of the TikToks (& 1 Reel) mentioned on the show can be found below.

Brene Brown “Marriage is never 50/50”

Wholesome tik tok example
@scrawny squirrel

Movies to play in the background at parties
@LusciousGarbage | Luscious Garbage

The interview/article on humourlessness that was referred to titled “Can’t Take a Joke”:

The tiktoks heard on the how can be found on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/foryoupoddump/

Hosted by:
Sam Sferrazza

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