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Happy Good with Chris Locke

A positively silly podcast to make you feel happy and good about yourself.
Jun 29 2020

Episode 11: Juices

Chris is a bit tipsy in this episode but he still manages to take you to the arctic and back and convinces you not to worry about it - the trees are always watching us and they know the real deal.
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Jun 22 2020

Episode 10: De-stressualize

In this episode a doctor or a scientist pokes at your brain and describes what's in the chambers and then you watch an orange balloon float away.
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Jun 15 2020

Episode 9: Strawberry Air

In this episode Chris takes you to a gelatinous world where trumpets are more useful than you could ever imagine. Then he gets emotional and I don't know, what do you think?
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Jun 08 2020

Episode 8: Giant’s Whistle

This episode is chock full of twists and turns but ultimately we are trying to get you as clean and pure as can be so you will be as smooth as possible once you reach cream land. Okay?
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Jun 01 2020

Episode 7: Andrew

Chris wants you to shrink yourself down and clean your own brain with cleaning products and then try to get some Pike Place roast at Starbucks in a jungle forest from the future. What do you want from me? Just come with me.
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May 25 2020

Episode 6: The Purple Zone?

In this episode we find a very caffeinated Chris at a crossroads. We float to a lovely place and get fuzzed off but what are colours? And there just has to be a better name for this magical place other than "The Purple Zone".
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May 18 2020

Episode 5: Snuggy Bug

Relax and come along with Chris through a black hole and find an unexpected paradise waiting for you! Get snug as a bug while you're at it. Enjoy!
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May 11 2020

Episode 4: Orange Fuzz

In episode 4 Chris helps you relax, breathe out all of that thick molasses goo of terror and takes you on a fuzz filled sun-kissed journey through raspberries and honey. Enjoy!
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May 04 2020

Episode 3: Bathrobe and Grapes

In episode 3 we take some time out to breathe, relax, remember the power of the individual mind, plus also remember how delicious grapes are, standing on a cliff, and have you seen The Long Goodbye by Robert Altman? Do you know what I'm talking about?
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