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History Defeats Itself

A comedy podcast that explores if we, as people, learn from our history or if we're doomed to forever repeat it.
Oct 13 2021

The Safety Dance

Explicit Content
John leads the crew in a rousing discussion about safety.
History Defeats Itself

The Safety Dance

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Sep 01 2021

Sorry For Partying!

Explicit Content
The crew discusses cancel culture and how casting off people from society for saying things that are wrong can do...
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History Completes Itself – The Los Angeles You’re Sitting In F**king Traffic For Six Hours God Dammit

The title of this episode is a bit wordy but I've heard worse team names: ie, The Toronto Maple Leafs. The Boston Bruins. Yeeecchhh!! Kevin's topic regarding renaming or re-branding offensive team mascots and uniforms was at once thought provoking… Read More

History Completes Itself – Witches Get Stitches

So where did you rank on the ol' theist/agnostic/atheist continuum? I did a lot of thinking about a potentially higher power out there somewhere pulling at our puppet strings (and tickling our genitalia) while I researched this episode about agnosticism.… Read More

About History Defeats Itself

Join along as three guys that fell asleep during history class bring you a comedy podcast about their quest for meaning. Each episode we dive into a single topic that will range from the mundane to the fascinating. Only one of us does the research leaving the other two in the dark to learn along with you, the listener. In every episode we will trace the origin, discuss the present day impact, and attempt to forecast the future, all in an effort to determine if our subject has been a success or if it’s another example of how History Defeats Itself.

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Category: Comedy
Type: Episodic
Frequency: Weekly