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History Defeats Itself

A comedy podcast that explores if we, as people, learn from our history or if we're doomed to forever repeat it.
Nov 18 2020

History Completes Itself – The Golden Gorge of California

Being trapped traveling in an RV with his significant other for two weeks inspired John’s episode on National Parks. Most people wait for their golden years to hit the open road but John just couldn’t wait! While I bet Kevin a Sausage McGriddle that Courtney would get so sick of John’s cynicism that she would help him find the fastest way to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, alas he did return unscathed. So unscathed as a matter of fact, that he decided to do some research on some of the United States’ fettered and unfettered National Parks.

We recorded the episode right after Election Day and discussed the uncertainty of the outcome. As of this writing Trump is still refusing to concede and some GOP senators and other groups are actively advocating for Marshall Law to be declared in order to hold a new election. Ya know, shit-canning democracy and the Constitution.

John shared information about the glorious history of the establishment of some of our most precious and beautiful open spaces that past leaders had the foresight to permanently preserve. That is until Donald Trump and his appointees had their way. Proof? The Undoing Of Our Public Lands and National Parks.

We learned further about the Bureau of Land Management’s duties and roles they play in conservation and regulations of Federal lands. John droned on and on about facts that I was too buzzed to give appropriate respect to, until I listened back to the episode and learned to appreciate. My takeaway: sober Greg is teachable Greg!

Git out there and ride those dirt-bikes and build those bonfires on public lands before Trump takes away yer freedom and turns everything into a goddamn golf course or fracking sight or parking lot or Ivankaland.

- Greg Mitchell

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