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History Defeats Itself

A comedy podcast that explores if we, as people, learn from our history or if we're doomed to forever repeat it.
Dec 30 2020

History Completes Itself – Like a Twister I Was Born to Walk Alone

Okay, most of us have a screw that could use a little tightening. But a small percentage of the population could really make use of the whole toolbox. They are the adrenaline, risk takers. Or as I like to refer them: maniacs.

What compels some to push the boundaries to such extreme depths that the only way to feel alive is to brush the mustache of death? Kevin dove right in and I quickly realized that while I do enjoy snowboarding, hockey and being married, I am a huge wimp. I don’t think you will be seeing any of the three of us jumping out of planes or backpacking through North Korea any time soon (even though John has a bad habit of falling of off ladders).

Kevin shared information about the history and psychological aspects that make a thrill seeker. We discussed Evel Knievel and his willingness to break every fucking bone in his body on his personal quest to jump a motorcycle any span wider than a mobile home and learned that his death was at the evil hand of uncontrolled blood sugar and not, sadly a final crash. I’ve come to the conclusion that while thrill seeking activities are fun to watch, I don’t think too many people are jealous or have a desire to replicate them. But as a society I think we need people on the fringes that the rest of us can call crazy fuckers.

- Greg Mitchell

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