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History Defeats Itself

A comedy podcast that explores if we, as people, learn from our history or if we're doomed to forever repeat it.
Jan 13 2021

History Completes Itself – Jeff. Goldblum.

People give us grief on occasion because our episode titles often have nothing to do with the topic. Case in point: Jeff. Goldblum. I'm not sure where Greg's obsession with JG comes from. I mean, he's a fine actor. It sound like Greg just really loved The Fly. I haven't seen that since I was a kid. Wonder how it would hold up.

So...local news. This would qualify as another example of an idea I had that wasn't meant to be as bleak as it turned out to be. But the more I researched the more I realized how fucked we will be if local news fails completely. I know people don't trust the media. But the great irony is that those people who don't trust the media are the same people who for some reason trust the politicians that the media tries to keep in check. It doesn't take an Einstein or a Jeff Goldblum to deduce that people in power will do what they need to do to stay in power or to gain more power. And if no one is watching them what's to stop them for pulling some shady or even illegal shit to get what they want?

We are a divided nation for sure but we've become a paranoid one as well. People have been duped into believing the media is their enemy. And it plays into the hands of the people who perpetuate this notion. Donald Trump is dumb but he's not stupid. Okay he's stupid too. But his insatiable desire for power and wealth knows no limits. Through misdirection and repetition he was able to convince his base, and others too, that the media is full of left wing nut jobs trying to turn our country into a socialist nation. Given the paranoia and mistrust so many Americans feel, how could they not start thinking this was true?

The good news is that people seem to trust their local news sources more than national ones. The bad news is that there are less and less local news outlets every day. And if so many of them keep getting bought up by media conglomerates and hedge funds you'd have to believe that they will keep pushing their own agendas through those local news sources. And then the paranoid people are right. But even if that is the case their fears about a socialist agenda are, by all accounts I found, misplaced. What they should be worried about is those media conglomerates and hedge funds using the media to keep themselves rich and the rest of us down. Think I'll be able to convince them of that? Considering the fact that many of the people who believe that the media is pushing a socialist agenda are the same people that believe that Donald Trump was sent by God to expose a pedophilia ring run by Democrats and Hollywood elites and to execute those involved, I'm not holding my breath.

- Kevin Rosenquist

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