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History Defeats Itself

A comedy podcast that explores if we, as people, learn from our history or if we're doomed to forever repeat it.
Mar 30 2021

History Completes Itself – Fix the Wobble

One of the more interesting aspects about belief systems is the fervent passion that followers dedicate to them. But astrology differs from religion because no one is really born and raised in an astrological house. It seems to be more of a personal decision to learn and follow along with the blueprint of astrology than a religion. But what the hell do I know? The main reason I don’t dedicate more time to dogma is because I am far too lazy to learn and abide by rules set to someone else’s moral compass. I feel like I’m doing okay following the golden rule and not trying to do harm unto others.

Quite honestly, until Kevin shared the topic, I had never given much thought to astrology. I figured it was better left to people that were more mystical than myself. And after learning about it, I stand by those instincts of not giving a shit about it. Fine, if you want to blame or credit planet alignment with your good or bad fortune, knock yourself out. And as we learned John won’t judge you.

I do think it’s weird that someone or a group of people can come up with some crazy thoughts to explain our existence and others go along with it. I guess all of our questions will be answered when we die. Or as Kevin believes, nothing will and we’ll just turn off like a light bulb. Until then…

-Greg Mitchell

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