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History Defeats Itself

A comedy podcast that explores if we, as people, learn from our history or if we're doomed to forever repeat it.
Jul 23 2021

History Completes Itself – Tulip Mania

Screw you John! It was totally uncool of him to pick a topic that is ridiculously over my head. And I'm pretty tall. But he doesn't even read these blogs so I can say whatever I want about him. Greg probably doesn't read them either now that he doesn't write any of them anymore. So screw you too Greg! Just because.

There are concepts out there that some people find hard to grasp. Sometimes our brains don't work a certain way. Finance is that thing for me. And if you listened to this episode you're undoubtedly saying, "Yeah, no shit Kevin." First of all, that's rude. Second, I don't blame you. Money markets, commodities, dividends, taxes. It's all like a different language to me. Partially it's my brain's fault. But I also just don't care. It's not my strength so I have zero interest in learning. I have a great financial advisor and the person I have do my taxes knows her shit really well. I lean on them to take care of this stuff so I don't have to waste the precious few brain cells I have left. I'd rather spend my time on things that matter to me like this podcast, my family, and my fantasy football team. (Should I keep Lamar Jackson or A.J. Brown this year? I'm having a hard time deciding.)

I do give John a ton of credit though. He clearly did not think it was going to be such a struggle to teach the very basics of the Dow to Greg and I. I still don't really get it. So there's only 30 companies in it and you can fall off for poor performance or be added for good performance like relegation in the Premier League? (I don't even watch soccer and I understand that concept way better than the Dow.) And the NASDAQ is actually part of the Dow? When did that happen?!

The biggest takeaway for me was just how many crashes and panics there have been. You'd have a hard time pointing to a topic we've done that is a better example of history defeating itself than this one. We can ask the question, "When will we learn?" But the obvious answer is: Never. Greed will always be at the forefront of American society. You can't have capitalism without greed. And I don't see us changing our economic system anytime soon. Hell, the people of our country are so scared of the word "Socialism" that even the notion of universal health care is rejected by many of the people who would benefit the most from it. But that's a topic for another episode, likely another one of John's. All that us peons can do is hope that the people in charge of the world's finances pull their collective heads out of their collective asses, realize that you don't need all the money in the world to be happy, and stop fucking the rest of us over. I don't know about you, but I ain't holding my breath.

- Kevin Rosenquist

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