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History Defeats Itself

A comedy podcast that explores if we, as people, learn from our history or if we're doomed to forever repeat it.
Aug 26 2021

History Completes Itself – What a Stupid F**king Bag

If you learned anything from listening to our episode on survivalism it would be that John, Greg, and I would definitely not be the heroes leading survivors to safety at the end of the apocalypse movie. We would be the ones in the opening scene dying quickly without putting up much of a fight. And we're comfortable with that.

Preppers and survivalists have always had a kooky, conspiracy theory reputation about them. I think many of us associated the idea of survivalism and prepping with far right nut jobs who form militias, live in remote, creepy looking compounds, and want a new world order. But even before Covid it was becoming more mainstream as people got nervous about our increased dependency on technology. And now, since that dickface virus decided to tear the world apart and people saw what happens when human beings panic, prepping is less a fringe activity and more a necessity.

My wife and I use an app to keep track of the things we need at the house; groceries, toiletries, etc. Hand sanitizer was on that list for months. Many months. We simply could not get it. Toilet paper aisles were ransacked. Basic, household cleaners were impossible to find. Gloves...hand soap...the list goes on and on. Some people panic, some hoard, others showed the ugly side of capitalism and bought up all the essentials and tried to sell them online at exorbitant prices. I don't believe in heaven and hell but if I'm wrong there better be a special place in hell for those people. All of this craziness made many of us realize the importance for being at least somewhat prepared if something of this magnitude happens again, which, it undoubtedly will.

Us humans aren't wired to stand the test of time. We are destroying our planet and not interested in making real efforts to stop. We hate people who are different than us, for no good reason, with a feverish vigor. We're divided on even the most basic elements of humanity like equality, voting rights, and even basic human rights. As of this writing 649,705 people have died of Covid in the US alone. Yet there are many who say things like "well it's a small percentage of the population" or "the chances of being hospitalized are really low" or (one of my favorites) "no one I know has died from Covid". And these things are being said as justification for not wanting to put a fucking mask on at the Safeway. If things don't effect us, right now, and very personally then we don't want to take it seriously or work to fix it.

So, yeah, something else is going to happen to us. We will find a way to create more disasters, more chaos, more death. Will you be prepared for the next one? We won't. Especially if I keep eating all the snacks from the emergency box when I'm stoned.

- Kevin Rosenquist

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