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History Defeats Itself

A comedy podcast that explores if we, as people, learn from our history or if we're doomed to forever repeat it.
May 02 2022

History Completes Itself – Ginger

Have You Seen me?

Height: Not very
Weight: He'll never tell
Last seen with: Probably John Banks

If you see Greg please tell him he's terrible at his podcasting job. Still no blogs from him. He's probably drinking that cheap vodka and forgetting who is is again.

So. Feminism. We talk about aspects of it a lot on our show. All three of us are firm believers in equality across the board. And, quite frankly, we are all appalled by the fact that we are still talking about things like wage gaps and the idea that women still get told what to do with her body. It's bonkers to be addressing these things in 2022.

We bash white men a lot on the show but how can we not? Every topic we do seemingly has some group of people being kept down by straight white men. It's clear that they are scared of losing power. Why? Who the hell knows. I've known people throughout my life who roll their eyes when the word "feminist" is used. And guess what? They were straight white men and honestly not very good guys. It's obviously they saw women as inferior, whether they would admit or not.

Women have fought hard for equal rights and they're still fighting. Just like black people, gay people, Hispanic people, trans people, and on and on. I thought America was the greatest country in the world. "Make America Great Again?" "Save America?". How about we treat everyone the same and take steps to ensure equality across the board? How about we even the playing field and work towards a more inclusive society?

Sadly, it's never gonna happen as long as people are more concerned with their gas prices than with basic human rights.

- Kevin Rosenquist

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