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History Defeats Itself

A comedy podcast that explores if we, as people, learn from our history or if we're doomed to forever repeat it.
May 18 2022

History Completes Itself – Lagerithms

So not only does Greg not write the blogs anymore but he can't even be bothered to come up with episodes! So I had to do it. What a complete asshole! (Greg, if you are reading this I love you.)

Despite my giving Greg shit I actually really did want to revisit this topic at some point since I read the NPR article last February about people moving based on political beliefs. It's not necessarily a new phenomenon but it is certainly more prevalent and it's no surprise why. People are very dug into their beliefs and very angry about it. It's hard not to understand why people don't want to live around people who are super vehement about their beliefs when they are opposite of yours. As a liberal, I would love to never see a goddamn Trump flag again. I see that flag and to me it represents everything that is wrong with America. It stands for divisiveness. It stands for racism, sexism, homophopibia, and hate. That man has brought out the worst in people; some people I used to know and respect who have now become weird minions to this puzzling desire for regression. He has somehow tricked people into thinking he is their savior and, like any cult leader, he knows who to target and how to get them riled up. I don't want any part of this insanity!

So I get why people don't want to live among those that, in their minds, are so far removed from reality that they scare the everloving shit out of them. Is it dangerous to split off like this? Absolutely. It will only further divide. Will it lead to more problems than solutions? Very likely. But is it understandable? Absolutely.

- Kevin Rosenquist

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