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History Defeats Itself

A comedy podcast that explores if we, as people, learn from our history or if we're doomed to forever repeat it.

History Completes Itself – Lo Siento soy Kevin

Your favorite podcast team has been put through the ringer lately. COVID, A-FIB, ablations and lung punctures. But we still bring it! On our latest episode we dove head-first into the English language. And holy fuck are there ever a… Read More

History Completes Itself – Fix the Wobble

One of the more interesting aspects about belief systems is the fervent passion that followers dedicate to them. But astrology differs from religion because no one is really born and raised in an astrological house. It seems to be more… Read More

History Completes Itself – Good Butt and Hot Stick

Using cannabis is so many things. It can be euphoric, fatiguing, relaxing, mood stabilizing, panic inducing, depressing, joyful, pain relieving and so much more. What all of these effects share in common is that they render you in an altered… Read More

History Completes Itself – Keep the X in X-mas

Well that was a huge opportunity lost! I mean sure John researched the history of holidays and shared some little known facts about the origins and traditions of our favorite festive celebrations. But I want to know why he didn’t… Read More

History Completes Itself – Pedialyte and Vodka

Bull cocks. Vertigo. Albert Einstein. Self loathing. What do all of these things share in common? I researched them to be fully learned on the subject of hangovers. Turns out that potential cures for the most common self-induced malady have… Read More

History Completes Itself – Road Jazz

It's always fun to lead episodes when I know both John and Greg will be able to relate super well. I mean, who hasn't wanted to launch their car into someone else's car like a missile on the highway? Most… Read More

History Completes Itself – Build That Gate!

If anyone reading this subscribes to the "Covid is a hoax" theory you have either been completely duped by radical right wing media outlets or, God help you, you're just not very bright. I'll give you the benefit of the… Read More