It’s Become a Whole Thing

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May 02 2022

Influencer State of Affairs w/ Sophie Gray & Meredith Lynch

It’s Become a Whole Thing

Influencer State of Affairs w/ Sophie Gray & Meredith Lynch

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It’s a meeting of the minds to discuss the many facets of the world of influencers and all its surrounding controversies with two guests covering very different yet overlapping facets of this world.

(1:01:30)-(1:14:20) CW: ED, self-harm

(6:40) Emily’s intro to Christina Najjar aka Tinx and a quick summary of her recent controversy of her resurfaced tweets from 10 and 2 years ago.

(12:10) Emily and Meredith do a full breakdown and analysis of Tinx; her cult following, why her recent controversy is so significant and the way that it was addressed, and more importantly the many things that remain unaddressed. They talk about the ways they were initially drawn to Tinx platform and their perspective on the PR nightmare that has been her resurfaced tweets, the glossy apology that glazed over acknowledgment of the issue and what our reactions say about our society and ourselves.

(59:05) Emily and Sophie meet to discuss Sophie’s journey from fitness influencer to entrepreneur and mental health advocate. Sophie pulls back the curtain to explain what was really going on in her life through her decade-long journey. She went from a fitness influencer and model to being publicly called out and going through a breakdown only to resurface and launch an innovative mental health app.

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