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Jul 18 2022

The Mary-Kate and Ashley Episode w/Torry of Ready to Be Petty

It’s Become a Whole Thing

The Mary-Kate and Ashley Episode w/Torry of Ready to Be Petty

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It’s the comprehensive review of the lives of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen from childhood to now. Emily and Torry begin when they were cast on Full House at 8 months old and go through a childhood where they filmed 30 movies and shows, to their “boho chic” years, all the way to their current extremely elusive existence and fashion house moguls.

They go through the controversies, including their Rolling Stone cover calling them “America’s Favorite Fantasy” when they were 16 years old to Mary-Kate’s mysterious tie-in to Heath Ledger’s death. We’re here to make sense of their wild legacy.

Mara Wilson’s NYT Essay About Being a Child Star

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