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Jul 25 2022

We Need to Talk About Swiftgron w/ What I Will Say

It’s Become a Whole Thing

We Need to Talk About Swiftgron w/ What I Will Say

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This one is for the swifties, the gaylors and the people who just enjoy piecing together a nicely complex and layered mystery. Cam gives us the Swiftgron breakdown aka the secret relationship between Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron and brought all the receipts and reasons. From timeline to lyrical analysis, it’s a true dive down the rabbit hole.

For those of you who have been asking for more gaylor content since the S1E4. We Need to Talk About Kaylor episode, this one is for you!

(6:25) Intro to Cam and Swiftgron 101
(25:40) The timeline from the beginning
(31:30) Lyrical breakdown: Everything Has Changed
(52:00) Joe Alwyn and inconsistencies in Taylor’s songs and relationships
(1:01) Fake news reports causing real life breakdowns
(1:07) Lyrical breakdown: Clean and Wonderland
(1:15) Dianna being possessive and chaotic around Taylor

Cam’s Swiftgron Masterpost

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