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Aug 29 2022

Celebrity Birth Charts w/ Sammy P *Unlocked from Patreon*

It’s Become a Whole Thing

Celebrity Birth Charts w/ Sammy P *Unlocked from Patreon*

01:53:06 Download (104MB)

Emily and Sammy P do a super-sized episode breaking down the birth charts of Martha Stewart, Billie Eilish, Gemini twins Mary-Kate and Ashley, Paris Hilton, Aaron Carter and a whole bunch more. It’s a wild mix from an episode unlocked from the Patreon.

(19:00) Martha Stewart
(35:30) Paris Hilton
(45:00) Ariana Grande
(59:00) In defense of Geminis & Scorpios
(1:06:00) Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
(1:10:00) Billie Eilish
(1:30:00) Bella Hadid
(1:46:00) Aaron Carter

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