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On Nostalgique, Ben and Aba reminisce about (and sometimes drag) the pop stars of our youth. If you love pop, nostalgia, and kikiing… then this is the pod for you!
Jun 14 2021

Fergie (ft. Joeley Pulver)

All the time I turn around brothas gather 'round Always looking at me up and down looking at my (uh) I just wanna say it now I ain't tryin' to round up drama, little mama I don't wanna take your man And I know I'm comin' off just a little bit conceited And I keep on repeating how the boys wanna eat it But I'm tryin' to tell that I can't be treated like clientele 'Cause they say she delicious (so delicious) But I ain't promiscuous And if you was suspicious All that shit is fictitious I blow kisses (mwah) That puts them boys on rock, rock And they be lining down the block Just to watch what I got (got, got, got, got) Four, tres, two, uno



Fergie (ft. Joeley Pulver)

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June Guest of the Month: TOM HEARN

Tom Hearn is a Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch comedian, improvisor and producer. Pre-Pandemic you could catch him in the hit improv show Hookup, his sold-out original hit Lipsynced or… Read More

About Nostalgique

Ben Sosa Wright and Aba Amuquandoh bring you a weekly podcast produced with Aidan O’Loughlin; they come together to reminisce (sometimes drag) the pop stars of our youth. They often go off topic and they always go AWF! If you love pop, nostalgia, and kikiing… then this is the pod for you! If you are interested in bettering yourself and ummm… learning, then sorry go elsewhere.

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Type: Episodic
Frequency: Weekly