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One More Round with Tricia Black

One More Round with Tricia Black is the only podcast that’s like an east coast kitchen party except the kitchen is a studio and the conversation is the party!
May 12 2021

Bobby Dove

This week Tricia sits down with country music artist Bobby Dove. These two new friends talk about music in the time of Covid, the longing for live gigs, and some of the amazing folks who helped Bobby get to where they are today!


One More Round with Tricia Black

Bobby Dove

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Apr 07 2021

Kirsten Rasmussen

This Week Tricia sits down with a dear friend and actor Kirsten Rasmussen. Over a couple of brews, these two...


  • Kirsten Rasmussen
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Mar 24 2021


This week Tricia sits down with multi-disciplinary artist Haui. These two new buds chat all about Haui's new film "Mixed...


  • HAUI
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Feb 25 2021

Stacey McGunnigle

This week Tricia sits down with pal, comedian and soon-to-be model influencer Stacey McGunnigle! These two buds laugh their way...


  • Stacey McGunnigle
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About One More Round with Tricia Black

One More Round with Tricia Black is a podcast where I, Tricia Black, sit down and have a drink…or two…or three with a variety of guests, folks that I want to get to know, people that inspire me, and friends who I just adore. We’ll talk about everything from entertainment to politics to music to culture. Stories that are touching, provocative, thoughtful, and most of the time extremely silly. It’s kind of like an east coast kitchen party, except if that kitchen were a studio and the party was the conversation. Join me and my guest in conversation every Wednesday and maybe you’ll want to stick around for One More Round… see what I did there!

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