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One More Round with Tricia Black

One More Round with Tricia Black is the only podcast that’s like an east coast kitchen party except the kitchen is a studio and the conversation is the party!
Aug 12 2020

Clare McConnell

This week join Tricia as she sits down with the marvelous Clare McConnell! Over Grapefruit Radlers, these two buds chat being Ghosted during quarantine, and what it was like for Clare on the set of Star Trek: Discovery as Klingon Leader Dannas.


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Aug 05 2020

Chef Paul Lillakas

This week join Tricia as they sit down with the delightful, charming, funny, and talented Chef Paul Lillakas! Over a Winter Negroni, they chat what it's like being a Chef in the Media, winning Chopped Canada, and being the Personal Chef to DeadMau5!
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Jul 29 2020

Viza DeCline

This week join host Tricia Black as they sit down with the wonderful, the hilarious and the divine, Viza DeCline! Over drinks, they chat everything pop culture, their favorites from Below Deck, Real Housewives of Potomac, and our idols.


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Jul 22 2020

Coko & Daphney

This week Tricia sits down with the wonderful, incredible, and hilarious Comedy duo, Coko & Daphney. Over a couple of drinks, and a Sativa, they chat improv, the importance of taking a leave of absence, and Daphney's journey into Game of Thrones!
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Jul 20 2020

A Nightcap feat. The Chicks, Below Deck & Mear

Settle down with a drink, get cozy, and let's have a nightcap buds. Host Tricia Black takes us through her Top Pop Picks of the Week. This week we discuss, The Chick's new album Gaslighter, more Below Deck and the song of the summer, Perfect Mess by Mear
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Jul 15 2020

Paloma Nuñez

This week Tricia sits down with award-winning actor, writer, director, and HUGE sports fan, Paloma Nuñez. Over a couple of Woodhouse Brewery Beers, they chat growing up in Sudbury ON, duel citizenship, skunks but mostly the NBA Champions, THE RAPTORS!


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Jul 08 2020

Tom Hearn

Tricia sits down with Canadian Comedy Award-winning actor and comedian Tom Hearn. Over Moosehead Lagers and Mike's Hard Black Cherries, they chat Pride, growing up gay in New Brunswick Canada, Britney Spears, and their first queer celebrity crush


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Jul 04 2020

Trailer: What’s it all about buds?

Buds, friends, pals! Welcome, to my new podcast "One More Round with Tricia Black", its kind of like an East Coast Kitchen Party, except the kitchen, is a studio and the party is the conversation!
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