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It’s like listening to spooky stories at a slumber party with your best friends.
Jun 10 2021

The Devil Made Me Do It (Episode 89)

Explicit Content
Can the devil really drive someone to commit murder? Well, according to these cases it can. On this episode of Para(normal), the girls tell two chilling stories of those who blamed the devil for the unspeakable crimes they committed.
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May 20 2021

r/Paranormal Encounters (Episode 86)

Explicit Content
If you've never gone down the rabbit hole of the "Paranormal Encounters" subreddit, then you're in for a treat. In this episode, Nicolina and Marie travel down the deep dark thread of ghostly experiences by Redditors.
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Apr 15 2021

Always Hide Your Ankles in the Dark (Episode 82)

This week the girls read a few hometown haunts from listeners Morgan Watson and Stevie Hawley. Each share their horrifying tales of being haunted by dark ghostly figures including a creepy doppelgänger, and those who have a penchant for ankle grabbing.
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